Brynn Crabb

Operations Administrator

Growing up, I have always had interest in the legal and justice field. Growing up, my dream jobs consisted of Crime Scene Investigations, FBI, Criminal Profiler, and prosecuting attorney.

Recently, I obtained a Board Certification in Cyber Intelligence Investigations at the McAfee Institute. As of 2020, I will have acquired my Associates in Paralegal Studies at Liberty University School of Law. I will finish my B.S. in Government with a National Security Concentration and finish with a M.S. in Cybercrime Investigations.

As someone who in their free time enhances their foreign language skills, reads historical and governmental books, and participates in independent studies outside of traditional higher education, I believe Albert Einstein to be accurate in his statement when he said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

I consider myself a “lifelong learner” and I seek to thrive not only in my academic career, but in my professional one as well.