Sometimes a dispute comes up that simply won’t go away and can’t be resolved no matter how hard you try.  Or maybe you’ve just been flat hoodwinked.  Sometimes you get drug into a lawsuit as a defendant.  There comes a time when only litigation is the only answer – when your rights will never see the light of day without a court judgment.  We’ve helped clients litigate disputes in court – big and small – for over 20 years and know how to navigate the deep waters of a lawsuit.

We begin every lawsuit with the end in mind, in other words, what exactly is the goal for the case. Litigation is not for the faint of heart – it is time-consuming, distracting, and can be expensive.  Court dockets are crowded and the timeline to trial can be frustrating.  We take a hard look at the facts and the proof to determine if the goal is rational and realistic.  An important part of litigation is getting a clear understanding of what the end result looks like, and the path required to reach it.

We seek efficiency at every step of the process and use technology to make that happen. 

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