Seed Production, Protection, and Licensing

Producing and marketing quality seed is a highly regulated business – and one that grows in complexity every day.  A successful program often depends on new varieties and cultivars protected by intellectual property rights, such as a utility patent, a plant variety protection certificate, or secret parent lines.  Disciplined record keeping and secure handling systems can make the difference between having seed to sell next season, sending grain to the local elevator, or some really expensive fill for a levee.

We help seed producers, plant breeders, and marketers preserve the value of their seed, comply with regulations, and protect their material:

  • Audit labels and tags for compliance with state and federal seed laws
  • Prepare production agreements for clear communication of acceptable practices for crop health, purity, identity-preservation, ownership, reporting, and premium expectations
  • Review bag and container shrink-wrap agreements for critical transaction terms
  • Prepare intellectual property licenses for protected plant genetics
  • Enforce intellectual property rights through audits and litigation
  • Assist with Organic and Non-GMO certification and labeling